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Boscawen Park development project

Lavigne Lonsdale were thrilled to be appointed as lead architects for the Boscawen Park development project. The brief was to replace the existing pavilion, which is in a dilapidated condition, with a new café, office, public toilets, and tennis changing facilities. We have been involved with the project from the very beginning and works on-site are now underway with the demolition of the existing pavilion imminent. Works are due to be completed by late summer 2022.

Boscawen Park is located alongside the Truro River and is an open public space with beautiful flower beds and recreational facilities that are well used by the people of Truro and beyond. There is an extremely popular park with swings, slides, climbing equipment and sandpits as well as perfect paths for dog walkers and small children to cycle, scoot and enjoy. The sporting facilities consist of eight tennis courts, three football pitches and a cricket pitch, all available for hire throughout the year.

This development is to help support the ongoing improvement works and operation of the park, providing modern up to date facilities. A serving hatch will be on the tennis court side of the building, to allow the café to serve takeaway food and drink to the public. A changing place has also been proposed, providing changing facilities that cater for people with a wide range of disabilities.

Some large trees surrounding the existing car park were recently felled due to health and safety. As part of the design, the intention is to use the timber from these trees to clad the exterior of the building. Utilizing this timber will prevent the unnecessary need to import timber from elsewhere and form a unique connection between the building and the park.

We are eager to see the completed scheme. Keep an eye out across our social media pages and website for updates and progress


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