Fountain Design for Royal Parks


Royal Parks, London



Duration of Project

6 months



Exhibitions, Product Design
About This Project

Water Gathering – An accessible Community Activity

The act of collecting water across the world has always been a communal exercise. In the uk in days-gone-by a communal pump would have served a village or areas of a town. It would have been a hub of activity a meeting place and a practical facility.

This concept reflects a communal activity based around the idea of a shared pump. For this reason the design will be entirely accessible from any height or ability and can be operated by lifting the lever to the desired height and squeezing the end of the arm.

Low enough for wheelchair users and children whilst also able to reach up to 1.5m high to serve taller people in a comfortable way. Wheelchair users can get right underneath and adjust the height to suit. The design also enables very effective and convenient means for filling bottles of various sizes at differing heights. Dogs also get to drink from a bowl which collects grey water from the fountain.

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